pickling spray for non-ferrous metals

Fields of application:

It is applied by spraying for gently pickling especially designed for V2A/V4A surfaces
in lllc/llld quality. Removes heat tinting, scale and impurities to restore full corrosion resistance.
The gloss of the VA - surface remains.
In addition it is suitable for pickling of surfaces of non-ferrous metals and aluminum.
The pickling of aluminum achieves a silver bright, shiny surface.

Instruction sheet:

Before usage take a look on the safety instructions. (label or EG - safety data sheet).
Shake vigorously the content of the container and spray it evenly on the appropriate metal
surface by using the SAROX® spray pickling system.
The pickling spray for non-ferrous metal contains less than 0.5% of hydrofluoric acid.
It is not classified as toxic. The base metal is not attacked or only slightly. After duration of exposure,
rinse carefully with cold high pressure water (approximately 150 bar / 2175.45 psi) in one operation.

Treat washing water with a neutralization plant or dispose of as hazardous waste.

Duration of exposure

Fertility per KG
Container size



10 – 15 minutes to non-ferrous metals and aluminum
  3 –   4 hours to stainless steel (longer exposure harmless)
  5 –   8 sq. m.
30 kg container

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