stainless steel spray pickling (thixotrop,transparent)

Fields of application:

It is applied by spraying to efficient and
economical treatment of larger stainless steel
surfaces, such as container and appliances.
Removes heat tinting, oxide layers, scale and
rust in one operation. It leaves a bright,
clean metallic surface with attractive satin
finish in the quality of a dip tank and reaches
the full corrosion resistance of the material.

Instruction sheet:

Before usage take a look on the safety instructions. (label or EG - safety data sheet). Shake vigorously and pour contents of container into a separate plastic container.
Add the color indicator, stir up well and spray on the treated stainless steel surface equally by using the SAROX® spray pickling system.
SAROX® spray pickling operates safely and reliably in the temperature range of approximately 2°C to 45°C. The processing under direct sunlight should be avoided.
After duration of exposure, rinse carefully with cold high pressure water (approximately 150 bar / 2175.45 psi) in one operation.

Treat washing water with a neutralization plant or dispose of as hazardous waste.

Duration of exposure
Fertility per KG
container size


30 – 120 minutes (depending on material and ambient temperature)
  2 –    5 sq. m.
30 kg container

The pickling spray comes in three different concentrations:

» SAROX® stainless steel spray pickling for welds and surfaces

» SAROX® stainless steel spray pickling extra with enhanced effect

» SAROX® stainless steel spray pickling extra special with strong effect of removing and as pickling to -4 °C

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