without nitric acid pickling

The SAROX® Premium pickle product generation - an innovation on the market of corrosives.
The SAROX® Premium pickle products for stainless steel are all free of nitric acid, nitrates and nitrites.

They are available as:

Pickling bath concentrate 1:1 Premium
Resharpening concentrate Premium
passivating agent concentrate 1:1 Premium

  containers: 30 kg / 240 kg (barrel) / 1200 kg (IBC)
  containers: 30 kg / 240 kg (barrel) / 1200 kg (IBC)
  containers: 30 kg / 240 kg (barrel) / 1200 kg (IBC)

It will be achieved corrosion resistant, decorative finishes, which other conventional pickling process in no way inferior.

Benefits of nitric acid-free pickle products of SAROX® Premium:

    » none nitrogen oxides and nitrous gases (NOx - emissions = zero)

    » no flue gas scrubbing necessary

    » reduced acid load (lower neutralization and disposal costs)

    » no nitrite and nitrate pollution of wastewater

    » increased lifetime of the bath

    » lower facility and operating costs

    » easy working inside of tanks and containers

    » unlimited processing as traditional,
      conventional pickling using available technology

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