stainless steel pickling paste (thixotrop,transparent/red)

Fields of application:

It will applied especially by brushing of welds using the SAROX® pickling brush.
Removes heat tinting and scale in the area of welds and heat-treated zones.
The SAROX® pickling brush is acid- and alkali resistant.
It is suited for all SAROX® pickling products and available in sizes:

0,5" ; 1,0" ; 1,5" and 2,0"

Instruction sheet:

Before usage take a look on the safety instructions. (label or EG - safety data sheet).
Shake vigorously the contents of container and apply it on welds and heat tints.
After duration of exposure, rinse with cold high pressure water.
Use a sponge, stainless steel or plastic brush to remove scale which is still attaching.

Treat washing water with a neutralization plant or dispose of as hazardous waste.

Duration of exposure
Fertility per KG
Container size


10 –   60 minutes (depending on material and temperature, no overpickling)
80 – 150 m
6 x 2 kg boxes

The pickling spray comes in four different concentrations:

» SAROX® stainless steel pickling paste, transparent / red
» SAROX® stainless steel pickling paste extra, transparent / red
» SAROX® stainless steel pickling paste extra special, transparent / red
» SAROX® stainless steel L1 (3d) transparent / red

The pickling paste L1 (3d) is specifically designed for glossy surfaces and polished stainless steel
in lllc / llld – quality (extremely reduced pollutant).
The shine of the stainless steel surface is completely preserved,
while scale and discoloration be removed in the weld area.

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