stainless steel surface cleaner „P” and surface cleaner „CS”

Fields of application:

They are used for cleaning of all stainless steels, aluminum and nonferrous metals.
Stainless steel surface cleaner „P” and surface cleaner „CS” are odorless, acidic,
high effective cleaning and maintenance products.
It removes organic waste, rust film and external rust on stainless steel surfaces safely and
reliably without material removal. The shine in lllc / llld - quality remains intact.
The surface cleaners leave a clean metallic and brightened surface.
On aluminum it will achieves a silver, evenly shiny surface.

Instruction sheet:

Before usage take a look on the safety instructions. (label or EG - safety data sheet).
Depending on application apply the content of container by spraying, dipping or brushing.
After duration of exposure, rinse with cold high pressure water.

Duration of exposure

Fertility per KG
Container size



20 – 40 minutes on stainless steel
10 – 20 minutes on aluminum and nonferrous metal
15 – 20 sq. m.
30 kg container

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