stainless steel pickling bath concentrate 1:1

Fields of application:

It will applied by dipping, sprinkling or circulating and can also be used for pickling of pipes.
Removes heat tinting, scale, ferrites and impurities while brightening surfaces.
The full corrosion resistance is restored and a clean metallic surface with attractive satin finish achieved.
Special additives reduce NOx emissions and ensure a good pickling effect even at higher metal contents up to about 60 g / l.

Instruction sheet:

Before usage take a look on the safety instructions. (label or EG - safety data sheet).
The concentrate is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:1. The treatment time depends on the material and temperature
of the pickling bath. After duration of exposure, rinse with cold high pressure water.

Treat washing water with a neutralization plant or dispose of as hazardous waste.

Duration of exposure
Fertility per KG
Container size

service / analytics/
process optimization



30 – 120 minutes (depending on material and bath temperature)
7 sq. m. for concentrate 1:1, 3,5 sq. m. Ready-Pickling bath
30 kg / 240 kg barrel / 1200 kg container

- Analytical monitoring and management of the pickling bath
- Determining the volume and composition of the resharpening
  concentration based on the analysis created
- Disposal of used pickling baths
- Refilling of pickling baths

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