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Electrolyte CS 20 VA

Achieving the highest possible passivity and corrosion resistance of stainless
steel material after previous staining is obtained after the pickling alone just
by adjoining electrolytic polishing.
Electrolytic polishing provides surface roughness in the micro area of
less than 0.4 µm, resulting in a high-gloss, corrosion-resistant and smooth surface.
The necessary electrolyte will supplied ready for use as electrolyte SAROX® CS 20 VA.

Container size

Electrolyte for cleaner
Container size



  350 kg in a   220 liters barrel
1400 kg in a 1000 liters IBC

electrochemical stain equipment for seams (all types) – universal / special / gloss
from 5 kg (PE-container)

Precipitation aid Superfloc MeX Plus
It is used if, through calcium-hydroxide precipitation by nickel, chromium,
copper and iron, the official limits are not met.

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