SAROX® spraying pickle system S-SA/spray bottles

Fields of application:

The SAROX® spray pickling system is a spraying apparatus
that works with low pressure and all the pickling and cleaning products
(except pickling pastes) are processed economically and quickly.
The system consists of an air operated double diaphragm pump.
The working pressure is between 4.0 and 6.0 bar (58 and 87 psi).
The pump is self priming and sprays through a nozzle from a PVC-lance
the pickling products.
The spray pickling system consists of high quality plastic material
(PVDF, PTFE) and is almost maintenance-free and wear-free.

The performance of the system is controlled via the operating pressure.
A surface of 100 sq. m. with e.g. SAROX® stainless steel pickling spray will require a time of 15 minutes.

The SAROX® pressure pump spray bottles

can be useful as an alternative to the spray pickling system for
the treatment of small stainless steel surfaces such
as railings, stairs, etc. to approximately 10 square meters
or used for welding seams.
Surfaces up to 50 sq. m. can be processed economically
with the 5-liter spray bottle.

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